Welcome To The Play Pen Home Day Care

baby day care bridgeport ctAre you looking for a safe, nurturing and creative environment for your infant? Of course you are! As parents you want the best for your baby and so do we. The early years in your child’s development are so important. Babies show an incredible sense of curiosity to explore the world around them. At the Play Pen Home Daycare we support this with music, colors, and age appropriate toys. All the while we maintain an environment that is full of love and caring to ensure that your baby feels secure and gets plenty of attention. Equally important is that as a parent you know your baby is in a safe and comfortable home.

3Research shows that young children provided with warm and responsive care, at home and in day care will help shape their future ability to learn. At the Play Pen Home Daycare we provide a love and nurturing environment that infants need. We keep you informed of all the important developmental progress your child is making daily via our communication board. Our first priority is to develop your infant’s self-esteem and confidence in our loving and caring environment.

At the Play Pen Home Daycare we understand how important it is for the parents to know that:

1. Your child is safe in our environment.
2. That we can handle emergencies if there is one.
3. Is my child happy and having fun at daycare?

At the Play Pen Home Daycare we are a fully trained and licensed facility. All our care takers are trained in CPR so you won’t have worry while your child is with us. Also, we want the parents to know that your infant’s time in daycare is a wonderful introduction to being in a social setting away from home and developing important social skills that the child will need in the future. We feel the way we organize the time your child spends with us will go a long way toward achieving your goals for your child. Call or schedule a visit today.