Reasons Why We Are Different

5When we started out on this life adventure to open our daycare center we had a vision of an infant-centric daycare. Our belief is Infants are happiest when learning, exploring and having fun. We also wanted to be different than other centers. We felt Home Daycare provided a better solution for parents that need to work. Instead of a rigid and institutional type facility we felt it best to make the parent feel like they are dropping off their infant to an extension of their own home. We felt that there are two kinds of daycares and the distinction reveals the priorities of the facility which are reflected in the service. There are daycares that are primarily a business who happen to offer daycare services as their “product”.baby day care bridgeport ct The focus there is on the business, on profitability and on running the daycare in an efficient and cost conscious way. Our approach is much different. It is to providing loving and quality care for infants and do it as a business because we love it. In this type of structure, the infants are given the protection and care they need and we provide for their emotional and intellectual needs in a way that assures each child will have fun and goes home happy. This is the good kind of daycare and the kind that parents are comfortable with.